Adolescent and Young Adult Program

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Adolescents and young adults (AYAs), ages 15 – 39 years, are an important and unique group of people with cancer. We recognize that cancer care is complicated, and AYAs often have different needs from children as well as older adults. Our AYA program offers specialized care for all AYA patients tailored specifically to them.

 We are a dedicated team of expert clinicians who know that an individualized approach is important for patients within this unique group. We are proud to offer a specialized care team, psychosocial support for both cancer patients and survivors, and a robust clinical trials program with dedicated AYA-focused studies.

AYA Services Offered

Clinical Trials

You'll have access to cutting-edge clinical trials, including a range of clinical trials specifically developed for AYA patients.

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Your Care Team

Your individualized AYA care will include the clinical team (oncologist, nurse practitioner, nurse) as well as supportive care. 

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Breast Cancer

CNS tumors

Gonadal tumors

Ovarian Cancer

Testicular Cancer





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