Prostate Cancer

If you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. You will want access to the latest, most effective treatments. And you will want an experienced team of experts dedicated to your care—and your individual needs.

Columbia Cancer specializes in treating people with prostate cancer by designing a treatment plan around your individual needs. As a Genitourinary Cancer Center of Excellence, we offer unique and innovative treatments that are available only at a handful of centers across the US, all in one place. Our research team is backed by the power of the top-ranked Columbia University Irving Medical Center, working to rapidly bring new discoveries from their laboratories to your care plan.

Our Expertise at Your Service

When you come to Columbia Cancer for diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer, you will have your own team of experts. We’re here for your entire journey, from diagnosis to treatment and into survivorship.

Translating Research Into Treatment

Many of our doctors conduct laboratory research—they work to “translate” their lab discoveries into treatments. In fact, our research led to FDA approval in 2004 of the first drug shown to improve survival in metastatic prostate cancer. And our researchers are at the forefront of developing organoids, tiny 3D models of your unique tumor. These organoids let us test potential therapies in real time. We can test up to 20 drugs in a matter of weeks rather than two or three drugs in six months. This can give people with advanced or metastatic cancer a fighting chance.

You’ll Receive State-of-the-Art Care

When you come to Columbia Cancer for diagnosis and treatment, you will receive care from doctors, nurses, and other specialists who are among the most experienced prostate cancer specialists in the world. We’re experts in providing innovative treatments that give you a choice for your care.

You’ll Have Your Own Team of Prostate Cancer Experts

Cancer diagnosis and treatment requires an entire team of specialists and support caregivers. Your clinical care team will meet with you to create a care plan just for you, and then they’ll coordinate care across the spectrum of treatment and survivorship. That means you will have expert resources beyond your doctors and nurses.

You’ll Have Access to Leading Clinical Trials

At Columbia Cancer, we believe that our discoveries here will end cancer everywhere. As a person with cancer, you may have the chance to participate in a clinical trial while you have current treatments. All of our prostate cancer doctors conduct clinical research and lead innovative clinical trials focused on advancing new treatments.

You’ll Have a Wealth of Support Resources

We created our Patient Support Services to provide you with care and support outside of traditional medical care. Through this service, you’ll have access to complementary treatments like acupuncture, resources for stress management, yoga therapy, spiritual support, support groups, and more.

Patient Support Services

Support Resources