About the Program

The YES in THE HEIGHTS program, formerly known as the Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (CURE), at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center is a summer internship for high school and undergraduate students that aims to increase the pool of under-represented and under-resourced youth entering STEM fields. 

In addition to diversifying active cancer research environments, the National Cancer Institute's Youth Enjoy Science (YES) Research Education Program (R25) aims to support institutions in the maintenance and development of innovative early intervention strategies to guide and prepare youth for a career in biomedical research.

The mission of the Northern Manhattan-based program “THE HEIGHTS” (Training in Health Equity, Highlighting Environmental Inequities, & Growing neighborHood Teachers and Students) is to reduce the cancer burden and cancer health inequities through training and mentorship. Over the course of two years, the YES Student Equity Scholars gain hands-on experience in cancer research by working alongside world-renowned researchers and physicians with a focus on cancer.

The 8-12 week program includes a formal orientation and hands-on scientific training as well as training in academic etiquette and professionalism, completion of an Individual Development Plan, required submission of a scientific abstract of their work, and for 2nd years, a scientific oral presentation. 

Program Co-Leaders

Faculty Mentors

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Clinical Science

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