Implementation Science Mini-Course

Mini-Course Offered: Introduction to Implementation Science for Researchers

Dr. Rachel Shelton, a faculty advisor in implementation science for the Cancer Center, has developed a video-based introductory course to implementation science.

Background on Implementation Science

Dr. Rachel Shelton

While we have made tremendous scientific progress in public health and medicine, including in the context of cancer prevention and control, there is a large gap between research and practice. It takes 15 to 20 years for scientific knowledge and discoveries to translate into evidence-based policies and programs that impact widespread population health, with implications for health disparities and health equity. Implementation science seeks to eliminate this gap and facilitate the successful dissemination, implementation and sustainability of evidence-based programs, practices, guidelines, and interventions.

Course Overview

  • Course contains 9 video modules with supplemental readings
  • Course will introduce trainees to the field of Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) research and science, with a focus on cancer and health equity

Trainees will learn how to:

  • Examine the evidence base of effective interventions and select evidence-based interventions
  • Critique and design research studies for the purpose of dissemination, implementation, and sustainability
  • Apply implementation science frameworks and models
  • Identify dissemination and implementation outcomes and strategies
  • Consider the organizational, contextual, provider/practitioner, and individual factors influencing dissemination, implementation and sustainability in public health, community, healthcare, and social service settings.

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