Experimental Therapeutics/Phase 1 Program

Our Experimental Therapeutics/Phase I program is leading the development of new treatments for cancer. Our program gives our patients access to state-of-the-art therapies clinical trials for some of the most promising new immunotherapy and molecularly targeted treatments.

We are a group of doctors, researchers, nurses and coordinators dedicated to enrolling and caring for patients on early phase clinical trials (often called Phase 1). Our team uses cutting-edge laboratory techniques to understand each patient’s individual cancer and immune system and develop a personalized treatment plan unique to each patient. Our world-class clinical trials program allows us to match patients with the most promising new therapies based upon their individual cancer biology.

Our mission is to provide excellent and compassionate care to our patients and working to find and develop new drugs for cancer patients.

About Phase I Trials

What is a Phase I Trial?

The goal of a phase I clinical trial is to establish a safe dose range of a promising new drug, or combination of drugs, based on side effects. We also conduct research to learn more about cancer and how new treatments work.

How Can I Join a Phase I Trial?

Every clinical trial has a protocol, or study plan, that describes what will be done during the trial, how the trial will be conducted, and why each part of the trial is necessary. The protocol also includes guidelines for who can and cannot take part in the trial. These guidelines are called eligibility criteria.
The first step in determining eligibility is a consult in the Phase I clinic by one of our providers.

A consultation with the ETC can be made by calling 646-317-5381 or emailing etcreferral@columbia.edu.

A Team of Experts

All physicians that are a part of the ETC are certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and are subspecialists in medical oncology. Our group also includes special nurses and nurse practitioners and research coordinators who assist in caring for our patients and coordinate our research projects.

If you decide to participate in a Phase I clinical trial, the ETC physicians, nurse practitioners, and research nurses will care for you during the time you participate in the study. Our team will coordinate with your regular medical oncologist and keep them informed.

The clinical trials conducted in the Experimental Therapeutics Clinic are research studies that test new treatments to see how safe they are and how well they work. These treatments are the most promising ones being developed for individuals with cancer and are only initially offered at a few cancer centers worldwide. The trials conducted in this clinic do not use a placebo.

To find a cancer-related clinical trial offered in the Experimental Therapeutics Service or elsewhere at the HICCC, go to Find a Clinical Trial.