Recent Former Lab Members

Rustgi Lab

Recent Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Andres, Sarah, PhD. 2014-2019. Recipient of NIH F32 fellowship, AGA research career award (RSA) development grant. Currently assistant professor of pediatrics at Oregon Health & Sciences University (tenure track).

Das, Koushik, MD. 2014-2016. Recipient of NIH T32 training grant fellowship. Now associate professor of medicine (GI) at Washington University.

Giroux, Veronique, PhD (2014-2018).  Recipient of Canadian fellowship. Currently assistant professor in University of Sherbrook, recipient of several grants.

Grugan, Katharine, PhD.  2007-2010. NIH/NIDDK F32 fellowship.  Current position: Scientist at Janssen.

Hamilton, Kathryn, PhD. 2010-2016. Recipient of NIH NRSA (F32) fellowship, NIH loan repayment program, NIH K01, PhD, CCFA grants. Currently assistant professor of pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (tenure track). Received NIH R01 and R21 grants and CCF grant.

Heeg, Stefan, MD. 2010-2014. Recipient of German Cancer Society Fellowship. Currently associate professor of oncology, Freiburg University. Recipient of German grants.

Lento, Ashley, PhD. 2015-2018.  Recipient of NIH F32 fellowship. Currently staff scientist at Glaxo-Smith-Kline.

Madison, Blair, PhD. 2010-2015. Recipient of NIH K01 grant. Currently assistant professor of eedicine at Washington University (tenure track), recipient of NIH R01 and ACS grants.

Marchand, Benoit, PhD. 2015-2018.  Currently staff scientist at University of Sherbrook.

Masuike, Yasunori, MD PhD. 2019-2021.

Mongroo, Perry, PhD.  2007-2010. Current position: scientific writer.

Reichert, Maximillian, MD. 2008- 2014. Recipient of National Pancreas Fellowship and AGA research fellowship in Rustgi lab. Independent faculty member (associate oorofessor) at Technical University in Munich (Germany); recipient of multiple own grants.

Stairs, Douglas. 2009-2015. Recipient of NIH F32 fellowship, NIH loan repayment program, NIH K99-R00.  Associate Professor of Pathology (tenure), Hershey Medical Center. Recipient of NIH R01 and American Cancer Society grants.

Takano, Shigetsugu, MD PhD.  2010-2015. Assistant Professor of Surgery, Japan.

Tracy Tang, PhD.  Staff Scientist in Calico.

Von Burstin, A. Johannes, MD 2007-2010 Recipient of DFG Fellowship.

Waldron, Todd, PhD. 2010-2014. Recipient of NIH NRSA (F32) fellowship. Currently scientific director at Complete Medical Communications.

Wescott, Melanie. 2006-2009. Recipient of National Pancreas Foundation fellowship. Currently Senior Global Training & Development Scientist, Illumina.

Recent Graduate Students

Bakir, Basil (MD/PhD student). 2013-2018. PhD thesis in Rustgi lab. Completed short-track internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins. Hematology-Oncology fellow, Columbia University.

Chatterji, Priya (PhD student) 2013-2018. Completed postdoctoral fellowship at Broad Institute/Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Dr. Adam Bass lab). Currently scientist at Kojin Therapeutics.

Karakasheva, Tatiana (PhD student) 2012-2017. Completed postdoctoral fellowship in Rustgi lab. Currently Research Associate at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Long, Apple (MD PhD student)  2010-2015. PhD thesis in Rustgi lab.  Completed internal medicine residency at UT Southwestern, currently fellow in inectious disease at UT Southwestern.

King, Catrina. (DMV-PhD Student) 2007-2010. PhD thesis in Rustgi lab. Recipient of Pfizer fellowship and NIH minority student fellowship in Rustgi lab. Currently Head Veterinarian and Veterinary Services Director at George Washington University.

Vega, Maria. (PhD student) 2009-2014. PhD thesis in Rustgi lab. Recipient of NIH/NCI T32- fellowship (URM slot). Postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University, recipient of NIH F32 fellowship.

Wong, Gabrielle. (PhD student) 2008-2013. PhD thesis in Rustgi lab. Recipient of NIH/NIGMS, T32- fellowship. Completed postdoctoral fellow at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Dr. Adam Bass lab); currently staff scientist at Novartis.

Recent Medical Students

Lundsmith, Emma, MD. 2011. Jefferson Medical School student, recipient of HHMI medical student fellowship, currrently faculty at Thomas Jefferson University.

Williams, Kathy MD. 2016-2018. Cooper Medical School student, recipient of HHMI medical student fellowship. Currently medical resident in New York City.

Lin, Eric. 2015-2017. Penn medical student, Master of Translational Research (MTR) degree. Completed internal medicine residency at University of Michigan. Currently GI fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital.

Recent Undergraduate Students

Fargnoli, Brent (2006-2008). Completed MD MBA University of Pennsylvania, internal medicine residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, hospitalist at MSKCC and currently employed in industry.

Wang, Louise. (2008-2010). University of Pennsylvania (recipient of NIH ARRA student fellowship and NIH R25 fellowship), medical student at Stanford University, internal medicine residency and GI fellowship at University of Pennsylvania.