Our Approach and Expertise

Columbia Cancer stands at the forefront of leukemia care and research.

Each type of leukemia is a rare and challenging disease. Our doctors are recognized around the world as experts in these conditions.

We offer treatments ranging from standard chemotherapy and stem cell transplants to innovative clinical trials. Our physician-scientists are leading the way in applying discoveries in the lab to patient care. We’re leading national clinical trials to advance leukemia treatment.

Our Leukemia Program is known for providing:

  • A comprehensive and multidisciplinary team approach to leukemia involving hematologists, pathologists, cytogeneticists, molecular biologists, and clinical and basic research experts.
  • Personalized therapy based on your cancer’s genetic blueprint and drug susceptibility.
  • Understanding how leukemia progresses. Our longitudinal studies show how leukemia presents in different patients. This information helps us know the best way to manage each stage and form of the disease.
  • Clinical trials—many of them designed by our physicians—that offer you access to the most advanced and innovative treatments.
  • Ongoing research into leukemia’s origins, the micro-environment in which abnormal cells first begin to grow, and identifying genetic mutations that drive leukemia. This research may lead to potential cures.
  • A caring environment where we strive to treat each person with warmth, integrity, and respect.
  • Access to world-class specialists in all fields of medicine, including cardiology, infectious diseases, pulmonary and critical care medicine, nephrology, neurology, gastroenterology, and radiation oncology.

We also provide a wide range of patient support services including:

  • Medical advice on lifestyle, exercise, diet, and nutrition
  • Psychological counseling and support groups
  • Consultation on pain management
  • Patient web portals offering easy access to test results, appointments, and follow-up care