Kathleen M Capaccione, MD, PHD

Diagnostic Radiology
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Kathleen M. Capaccione, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor of radiology at Columbia University Irivng Medical Center in the Division of Cardiothoracic Imaging. Her research interests include the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals for the imaging and treatment of lung cancer. She has previously published on the use of FAP targeted radiotherapy in conjunction with checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy to increase response in melanoma and lung cancer. Her clinical research involves imaging the side effects of targeted therapy and the role of chest CT imaging in the quantitative assessment of interstitial lung disease. She teaches physics to the radiology residents and mentors students in both bench and clinical research. Her goal is to improve outcomes for cancer patients through the development of more effective molecular therapeutics with limited side effects.

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Radiology at CUMC

Hospital Affiliations

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital


  • Female

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177 Ft. Washington Avenue
New York, NY 10032

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • MD, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • PhD, Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Science
  • Residency: NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center
  • Fellowship: NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center


Selected Publications


Sophia Huang, Dorine de Jong, Jeeban Das, Scott Widemon, Brian Braumuller, Jacienta Paily, Aileen Deng, Connie Liou, Tina Roa, Alice Huang, Hong Ma, Belinda D’Souza, Jay Leb, JadeL’Hereaux, Pamela Nguyen, Lyndon Luk, Mark Francescone, Randy Yeh, Valerie Maccaronne, Laurent Dercle, Mary Salvatore, Kathleen M. Capaccione. Imaging the Side Effects of CAR T Cell Therapy: A Primer for the Practicing Radiologist. Accepted for publication in Academic Radiology, 04/03/23. 

Valerie Maccarrone, Connie Liou, Belinda D'souza, Mary M. Salvatore, Jay Leb, Alessandro Belletti, Diego Palumbo, Giovanni Landoni, Kathleen M. Capaccione. The Macklin Effect Closely Correlates with Pneumomediastinum in Acutely Ill Patients with COVID-19 Infection.  Accepted for publication in Clinical Imaging on 03/01/2023.

Kathleen M. Capaccione, Sophia Huang, Belinda D’souza, Jay Leb, Lyndon Luk, Jonathan Goldstein, Benjamin May, Aileen Deng, MD, Mary M. Salvatore. Radiographic Features of Pneumonitis in Patients Treated with Immunotherapy compared to Traditional Chemotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Clin Imaging. 2022 Mar 9:S0899-7071(22)00069-9. doi: 10.1016/j.clinimag.2022.03.006. 

Kathleen M. Capaccione, Sophia Huang, Zeeshan Toor, Benjamin May, Aileen Deng, Mary M. Salvatore. Immunotherapy related pericardial effusion on chest CT. Clinical Imaging: Volume 82, 2022; Pages 204-209. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.clinimag.2021.11.029.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Kathleen M. Capaccione, Mikhail Doubrovin, Brian Braumuller, Dev Leibowitz, Nikunj Bhatt, Fatemeh Momen-Heravi, Andrei Molotkov, Michael Kissner Kimberly Goldner, Mark Soffing, Alessandra Ali, Akiva Mintz. Evaluating the Combined Anticancer Response of Checkpoint Inhibitor Immunotherapy and FAP-Targeted Molecular Radiotherapy in Murine Models of Melanoma and Lung Cancer. Cancers 2022, 14, 4575. https://doi.org/10.3390/ cancers14194575.

Capaccione KM, Doubrovin M, Bhatt N, Mintz A, Molotkov A. Granzyme B PET Imaging of the Innate Immune Response. Molecules. 2020;25(13):E3102. 

Laetitia Vercellino, Dorine de Jong, Laurent Dercle, Benoit Hosten, Brian Braumuller, Jeeban Paul Das, Aileen Deng, Antoine Moya-Plana, Camry Vonyae' A'Keen, Randy Yeh, Pascal Merlet, Barouyr Baroudjian, Mary M. Salvatore, Kathleen M. Capaccione. Translating Molecules into Imaging- The Development of New PET Tracers for Patients with Melanoma. Diagnostics. 2022; 12(5):1116.