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Dr. Zorn is an Associate Professor of Medical Sciences at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Zorn received a Ph.D. in tumor immunology from Paris University in 1999 for his studies on melanoma antigens targeted by tumor infiltrating T cells. He then joined Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where he studied the role of regulatory T cells in chronic graft versus host disease in humans. Dr. Zorn moved to the Transplant Center at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2006 to work on human kidney graft rejection. He then relocated to Columbia University Medical Center in 2014, where he directs a human transplantation immunology research laboratory. He is also the Director of the Columbia Center for Translational Immunology Biobank core. The primary focus of Dr. Zorn’s lab is on B cells and antibodies in mechanisms of rejection or acceptance of kidney and heart transplants.

Lab Projects

Role of B cells infiltrating heart transplants during cardiac allografts vasculopathy: B cell infiltrates are often observed in solid organ grafts during chronic and acute rejection, yet their function is still unclear. Our studies use cardiac al grafts explanted because of rejection to isolate infiltrating B cells and determine their contribution to the rejection mechanism.

Role of Natural Antibodies in solid organ graft rejection: Natural antibodies are broadly reactive serum immunoglobulins implicated in apoptotic cell clearance. Their contribution to inflammatory reactions associated with graft tissue destruction has not been examined. We initiated a large multi-center study using samples collected from kidney transplant recipients at our institution as well as at collaborating centers in the USA, Canada and Europe to investigate the clinical significance of natural antibodies in transplant rejection. We also investigate the function of these natural antibodies in in mechanisms of acute and chronic graft rejection.

We have recently reported the presence of antibody-secreting plasma cells in the human thymus. These cells accumulate with age in the thymic perivascular space and include clones with specificity to common viruses. Ongoing studies in our lab are investigating the role of these plasma cells in anti-viral protection as well as T cell negative selection.

Academic Appointments

  • Associate Professor of Medical Sciences (in Medicine)

Administrative Titles

  • Director CCTI Biobank


  • French

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • PhD, 1999 Immunology, University of Paris, France


Dr. Zorn’s laboratory investigates host-graft interactions following solid organ transplantation in humans with a primary focus on B cells and antibodies in mechanisms of rejection of heart and kidney transplants.

Selected Publications

Recent publications:

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