Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination Core (CRTEC)

The Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination Core (CRTEC) aims to provide rigorous training in cancer research and career enhancement activities that prepares trainees in a variety of disciplines for productive careers as biomedical cancer researchers or health care professionals.

We facilitate and coordinate cancer research education and training across the entire training pipeline at Columbia and provide educational opportunities to individuals at all levels of training, from high school students to junior faculty. We coordinate seminar series, scientific seminars, workshops, educational resources, Continuing Medical Education (CME), networking and mentoring activities, and competitive travel funds to trainees to attend national meetings, as well as administering the Trainee Associate Member program.

CRTEC Core Leadership

CRTEC Core Advisory Committee Members

HICCC Members of the Committee

  • Andrea Califano, Dr

  • Kevin Gardner, MD, PhD

  • Dawn Hershman, MD, MS

  • Alfred Neugut, MD, PhD

  • Gary Schwartz, MD

  • Mary Beth Terry, PhD

  • Timothy C. Wang, MD

Outside Members of the Committee

  • Suzanne Bakken, PhD, RN
  • Melissa Begg, ScD
  • Rita Charon, MD, PhD
  • Henry Ginsberg, MD
  • Evanthia Lalla, DDS, MS
  • Lili Yamasaki, PhD