A Phase 2 non-randomized, open-label, multi-cohort, multi-center study assessing the clinicalbenefit of SAR444245 (THOR-707) combined with other anticancer therapies for the treatment ofparticipants with advanced and metastatic gastrointestinal cancer


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The purpose of this research study is to test the experimental drug, SAR444245, in combination with other anticancer therapies, cetuximab or pembrolizumab, for the treatment of advanced or metastatic gastrointestinal cancer. SAR444245 will also be combined with one anticancer therapy, pembrolizumab, that belongs to a class of therapies called immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI- type of drug that blocks proteins called checkpoints that are made by immune system cells and some cancer cells) that is already approved for the treatment of these conditions. Investigational means that the drug has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other Health Authorities.

Are you Eligible? (Inclusion Criteria)

  • Must be ≥18 years of age.
  • Must have predicted life expectancy >3 months.
  • No known uncontrolled hepatitis B infection.

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CUIMC/Herbert Irving Pavilion
161 Fort Washington Avenue
New York, NY 10032